Monthly Archives: April 2012

Canada Post vs Geolytica: It’s not about Copyright

Here are my thoughts on Canada Post’s claim to copyright over postal codes. (Full disclosure: I’m a member of the Canadian Postmasters and Postmaster’s Assistants Association, although I’m not an active employee, I haven’t worked there in several years, and I do not rely on Canada Post for financial remuneration in any way. The views presented here […]

Ottawa, Provinces set to Lock Horns on Wireless Rules

The Ontario government has just announced plans to introduce legislation aimed at curbing “cell phone shock” for consumers. With consumer complaints about wireless services skyrocketing, the McGuinty government’s decision to step into the fray and shake things up should be welcomed by Ontarians fed up with crummy service and unfair (even legally dubious) contracts. Ontario […]

Ogling Google’s Goggles

Google just released a teaser video for its latest gadget – code named “Project Glass” Check it out: My first reaction, like many of my generation, was to think of Geordi Lafarge from Star Trek: Next Generation. Lafarge, played by LeVar Burton (if you’re old enough you might remember him from Reading Rainbow) was a […]

“Consumer Code” Consultation Open for Comments

Today the CRTC announced a new consultation on whether it should consider instituting a “consumer code” to guide wireless providers’ retail services. Since 1994, the government has operated under the assumption that the Canadian wireless market is “sufficiently competitive” to ensure fair service for the public, and under that assumption has refrained from intervening in […]

Canadian Telecom Summit: Will you be there? Probably not.

In his latest blog post, telecom industry consultant Mark Goldberg writes: “The Canadian Telecom Summit is where leaders of the industry join regulators, policy makers, suppliers, colleagues, customers and competitors to discuss the issues that impact the development of Canada’s digital economy.” Register now! It’ll only set you back $2,260, unless you miss the early […]

You Call that Competition?

In a crowded room, when everyone tries to talk at once, all those conversations might cause such a racket that no one can hear what anyone else is trying to say. Give a speaker a podium and a microphone, however, and the entire audience from the front row to the back can hear every last […]