Monthly Archives: September 2013

Elephant in the Room

The National Post has today published an article entitled “Why Canada has third world access to the Internet.” The author starts off by pointing out that, whether we’re talking about wires or radio waves, Canadian Internet services just aren’t up to snuff by the standards of virtually every authoritative international comparison. Our services are too expensive. […]

Rabbit Holes and Roaming Fees

The pictures above are screen caps, taken from the Rogers website on September 17, 2013. The first is from the “Plans and Pricing” page, and the second from the “small print” link at the bottom of that same page. 1024 kB = 1 MB , 1024 MB = 1 GB (FYI) Hold the phone. Is Rogers charging […]

Surprise! (Now Pay Up)

One of the first things people ask me when we’re talking about wireless services in Canada is this: why should we care how much cell phones cost? Aren’t they a luxury? Well, the way we’re using our cell phones these days suggests otherwise – more and more Canadians are ditching their landlines every day in […]

Sparkling Lakes and Spectrum Auctions, Part 1

Bell, Rogers, and Telus have been collectively taking out full page advertisements in newspapers all summer long. You may have seen their most recent one, and I must say, it’s elegantly laid out. It’s split into two simple columns: on the left there is a picture depicting two kayakers navigating Maligne Lake, Alberta, which rests […]