Paul Goodrick of the Canadian Spectrum Policy Research group has written an excellent article about this year’s Canadian Telecom Summit  – you should check it out. The focus was mainly on the much-touted “Regulatory Blockbuster,” and Paul’s piece puts on display his superb ability to analytically distill complex arguments. The video (along with others) is […]

This week, Statistics Canada released some results from its “Residential Telephone Service Survey.” Last conducted in 2010, the 2013 figures are notable because they show that “wireless substitution” is picking up steam, especially amongst those younger than 35 years of age. The report notes that “Total cell phone use, whether used exclusively or in combination […]

Chances are you have a love-hate relationship with your wireless provider: you love being able to use your smartphone wherever you go, but hate the high prices that companies like Bell and Rogers charge for service. If you’re like many Canadians, you use your smartphone or tablet to access the Internet. In fact, three out […]

Adapted from my reply to the CRTC’s proceeding on whether wireless carriers unfairly disadvantage Canadians’ use of the mobile Internet. Yesterday, the record of that proceeding came to a close, and now the Commission will weigh the evidence and make a decision.  ~ Canada, we have a problem. It is a problem which affects the millions […]

“I was once in a meeting of very learned and ingenious physicians, where by chance there arose a question, whether any liquor passed through the filaments of the nerves. The debate having been managed a good while, by variety of arguments on both sides, I (who had been used to suspect, that the greatest part […]

    Update: This afternoon Industry Canada added working links to the consultation documents back to their website – Thanks IC!     Last Friday, Industry Canada released its highly-anticipated “Digital Economy Strategy,” now called “Digital Canada 150.” At a whopping 25 pages, the paper has been roundly received as a disappointment, mainly for being […]

Update at bottom Bell’s website got a refresh today – their wireless plans are better laid out, with the various constituent elements (phone + voice & text, data buckets) more clearly delineated. Their 2013 annual report acknowledges that “our product offerings and related pricing plans may be too complex or customers to fully evaluate” – […]

Happy April Fools’ everyone! The following post was my attempt at Internet humour for April 1, 2014 – an imaginary “scoop” on some new plans at Telus.    TELUS TAKES A FRESH APPROACH “Last summer I promised a bloodbath in the wireless sector,” Darren Entwistle said in an exclusive interview with Angelus Novus Monday afternoon, […]

Last week, Mobile Syrup reported that the big 3’s flanker brands, Virgin, Fido, and Koodo (including zombified competitor Public Mobile) would be raising prices on their wireless plans at the same time. Then, the news broke today that Bell, Rogers, and Telus, moving in lockstep, have quietly raised their prices for wireless services as well. Prices for plans […]

Back in September, I wrote about confusing and misleading advertising on Rogers’ website. Their site was listing contradictory wireless data roaming and overage rates, making it impossible for consumers to make informed choices about the price of available services. I was somewhat surprised when a Rogers rep responded to my blog by thanking me for […]