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May the fourth carrier be with you

In the Berkman Center’s 2010 report on “Next Generation Connectivity,” the Harvard-based think tank classified Canada as a case of “regulatory hesitation,” due to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s less-than-enthusiastic willingness to discipline incumbent firms. This week’s release on wireless from the CRTC shows just how far we’ve come since then, but also highlights […]

Rogers website still can’t get it right

Back in September, I wrote about confusing and misleading advertising on Rogers’ website. Their site was listing contradictory wireless data roaming and overage rates, making it impossible for consumers to make informed choices about the price of available services. I was somewhat surprised when a Rogers rep responded to my blog by thanking me for […]

Elephant in the Room

The National Post has today published an article entitled “Why Canada has third world access to the Internet.” The author starts off by pointing out that, whether we’re talking about wires or radio waves, Canadian Internet services just aren’t up to snuff by the standards of virtually every authoritative international comparison. Our services are too expensive. […]