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Sparkling Lakes and Spectrum Auctions, Part 1

Bell, Rogers, and Telus have been collectively taking out full page advertisements in newspapers all summer long. You may have seen their most recent one, and I must say, it’s elegantly laid out. It’s split into two simple columns: on the left there is a picture depicting two kayakers navigating Maligne Lake, Alberta, which rests […]

Rogers CEO Won’t Take “No” for an Answer

On Friday, August 23rd, telecom journalist Greg O’Brien of published an interview with Nadir Mohamed, CEO of Rogers Communications titled “WIRELESS: Rogers is not taking “no” for an answer, says Mohamed. Government ignoring all outsiders.” The topic of the interview is the now familiar debate about the fairness (or perceived lack thereof) of the […]

Drunken Prime Minister Overturns Courts, Allows Foreign Ownership

Imagine the following scenario: The Canadian telecommunications market is dominated by a few large firms. A foreign venture capitalist, let’s call him Jay, sees an opportunity to make some money by starting up a competitor in Canada, ostensibly to provide quality service to Canadians and bring down the high prices that incumbent providers charge. Jay […]