Canada’s Digital Economy Consultation: There and back again (Update)



Update: This afternoon Industry Canada added working links to the consultation documents back to their website – Thanks IC!



Last Friday, Industry Canada released its highly-anticipated “Digital Economy Strategy,” now called “Digital Canada 150.” At a whopping 25 pages, the paper has been roundly received as a disappointment, mainly for being more of a report card than the forward-looking improvement plan that many observers were hoping for.

The consultation itself contained a treasure trove of information, with thousands of pages of suggestions and information submitted by industry, academics, government stakeholders, and the members of the general public.

And so in my view the biggest disappointment about this newly released strategy is that Industry Canada appears to have removed the public record of the consultation from the digital economy website, and replaced scores of valuable submissions from people like Michael Geist with an animated graphic that links to the new 25-page report.

Canada’s Digital Economy Strategy was missing for years, but Canadians have always had access to the public record of the file. Now that the strategy is out, it looks like the record of the consultation itself has disappeared.

If anyone knows how to access the consultation, which was previously available from the menu at, please let me know.

Links to the consultation at Industry Canada’s website return a 404 error message.

Hopefully this is just a technical glitch – files being moved around, links not updated, etc. However, if that’s the case, the timing couldn’t be worse, as it doesn’t make sense to take down existing links to the substance of the consultation immediately following the report’s release.

Industry Canada: please replace the public record of the Digital Economy Strategy consultation. It is a valuable resource for researchers and that information belongs to the Canadian public.

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